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Mar 16

Mindfulness in shortage of time

Fri, 03/16/2012 - 21:23 — F.R.R.

In this periode I am in a chronic shortage of time. Heavy workload, psychological stress and lack of restitution all adds to a sense of restlessness and distress. And it leads to the delution that mindfulness slows down to much, and that there actactually no time left for beeing mindful.

The only thought of this is not at all  mindfulness, besides that the thought is also definitely wrong. Time is a most democratic resource, and my sense of beeing in a hurry all the time is all about a depletion of this essensial resource. 

Point is: It is hard to be mindful when I need it most, and it is hard to meditate when this is the most valuable break I could ever have in this situation.