Nov 08

Berlinmuren falt. Nå krever klimaet at mange murer faller

Sun, 11/08/2009 - 23:41 — F.R.R.

Michael Gorbatchow skriver kronikk i Times i forbindelse med Berlinmurens fall for 20 år siden. OG nå er hans budskap: Riv ned denne muren, og redd planeten. Han snakker om klima, om paradigmeskiftet, om feighet og mot. Og han snakker om krig og fred.

Ingen trodde det var mulig i 1989, men muren falt. Ingen trodde da på kommunismens fall, eller slutt på den kalde krigen, men det skjedde. Nå må det umulige skje igjen, og nå avhenger hele planetens fremtid av at det tilsynelatende umulige skjer.

Addressing climate change demands a paradigm shift on a scale akin to that required to end the Cold War. But we need a “circuit-breaker” to escape from the business-as-usual that currently dominates the political agenda. It was the transformation brought about by perestroika and glasnost that provided the quantum leap for freedom for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and opened the way for the democratic revolution that saved history. Climate change is complex and closely entwined with a host of other challenges, but a similar breakthrough in our values and priorities is needed.

There is not just one wall to topple, but many. There is the wall between those states which are already industrialised, and those developing countries which do not want to be held back. There is the wall between those who cause climate change, and those who suffer the consequences. There is the wall between those who heed the scientific evidence, and those who pander to vested interests. And there is the wall between the citizens who are changing their own behaviour and want strong global action, and the leaders who are so far letting them down.



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