Jun 06

Going Green

Sun, 06/06/2010 - 09:27 — F.R.R.

At least I have done something to relieve my conscience a bit. Selling two cars, buying only one, means a net climate reward of one car.

Although the new car is not actually new, neither hybrid nor electric, still one is less than two. And when 1.6 and 2.3 litres motors are replaced by one of 2.0 litres, this may also add a little to the future of the world?

Besides the climate effect, if there is any, and my brighter conscience, I can look forward to less costs, bills and work. I try to think of that as pure personal bonuses.

What I loose is part of my everyday freedom. One car demands better planning and more flexibility in my daily life, as well as in others. This can become a rather demanding task.

Even through I am trying to be optimistic, trouble is that only thinking of the second car makes me feel abstinent



Billy Gun (not verified) says:

Going green is an individual decision that is grasped by people to contribute towards the advancement of Do my Assignment for me planet and improve this place a place to live for future ages to come.

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