May 21

Arbeidsliv: Put on a Happy Face

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 20:05 — F.R.R.

Stress på arbeidsplassen koster britene 260 milliarder kroner pr år, og tap av 70 millioner arbeidsdager. Og trykket på arbeidstakere har økt på grunn av finanskrisen, som gjør flere arbeidsplasser usikre.

Britain’s leading mental-health charity, Mind, has launched a “Mental Health at Work” awareness campaign, after news that workplace stress is costing UK businesses £26 billion and 70 million working days every year. 

- Digital Journal

For all del: Ikke klag, og smil uansett hvordan det går.



JamesBrody (not verified) says:

The awareness campaign was full of enthusiastic supporters. I have read from that workplace stress is becoming more every year. This has to stop and companies should stop treating employs as slaves.

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